Kai saal guzar gaye

उसी मंदिर की घास पर बैठे,नंगे पाओं।सर झुकाए इबादत मेंकई साल गुज़र गए । छोटे पाओं बड़े हो गयेदिल मगर सिकुड़ गये।दिल खोल के हंसेकई साल गुज़र गये । फ़र्श साफ़ सुथरा हैशायद पहले से महँगा।नंगे पाओं चलेकई साल गुज़र गये । है रास्ता वहीकदम चले सोच समझ केबेख़ौफ़ दौड़ेकई साल गुज़र गये । हैContinue reading “Kai saal guzar gaye”

Tree Stands Tall

Tree stands tallwhere the seed fellrooted to the groundThere lies it’s existence Roots dig deeperNourishing the growing treeBinding it to the spotThere lies it’s existence Wind brought the seedRain drops buried itTree had no roleThere lies it’s existence Wind that brought itTries to take it placesTree stays, heavily rootedThere lies it’s existence It is rootedStuckContinue reading “Tree Stands Tall”

Sky in the eye

The sky I must reachThe clouds I must pierceSun the scorcherlying beyond the cloudMust look him in the eye The moon and the starsHang on the domeKeeping the worldEncased withinMaintaining the semblance of the lie The dark spaceBeyond and in betweenFills every thingAnd still remains emptyBut seen with the closed eye I have traveled forContinue reading “Sky in the eye”

Adhuri Tasveer

तस्वीर बनीथोड़ी अधूरीशायद कोई रंग रह गयाजो मेरे पास था ही नहींउन्हें ढूँढने निकला हूँ सुबह की घास में कुछसमंदर सा हराढलती साँझ मेंवो मायूस लाल रंग वो ऊँचे आसमान मेंवो गहरा नीलावो हस्ते कमल मेंमुस्कुराता हुआ पीला वो टूटते लहर मेंमैला सा सफ़ेदऔर उस पिघलती बर्फ़ वालाचमकीला सफ़ेद हर अनोखा रंग समेट करवहाँ पहुँचाContinue reading “Adhuri Tasveer”

Closer to Core

Spinning like a topConstantly in motionedges moving fasterSlowly moves the core If I would stopI would fallFearful of not spinningAfraid, of being ‘me’ no more On pointed endI hang in balanceForever in pursuitdrilling through the floor Force of the chordwould eventually expireinevitable would happenSpinning top would spin no more With the last wobbleThe top fallsItContinue reading “Closer to Core”

I still don’t win

It’s cold and windy My body lays bare The nature pitted against me It’s not even fair I close my eyes And I am still The wind passes me by I feel no chill In this battle with nature I still don’t win Because it’s not out there It’s there within

Let’s shuffle the cards

Cards are shuffled One card is picked One specific suit Of a particular colour is chosen The identity is decided And that decides the game All actions bound by the rules the wins and the losses based on the set hierarchy each dealt hand judged They turn into a pile of cards eventually of winnersContinue reading “Let’s shuffle the cards”