The next shore of the Sun

I have left the shoreand the next oneI can’t yet seeIn the meagre boatWith my two oarsI battle the sea The shimmering moonThe bobbing wavesmake me numbThe salty windThe gentle rocking stillnessI fear, make me succumb Through the half closed eyeAnd the dreamy mindI see gold, transforming the crimsonVictorious sun risesAnd there comes the dawnThereContinue reading “The next shore of the Sun”

Awake or Asleep

The sun rises Showering it’s glorious rays illuminating the world With colours of life The awake see the spectacle of the day For the sleeping it’s the dark night There is glory in the world waiting for us to see. They materialise when we see them. They wait for us to see. We just haveContinue reading “Awake or Asleep”

Badlon ke Pare

बादलों के परे हूँ मैंशायदआसमान हूँ मैं ख़ुशियों की हवाओं मेंहै मेरी उड़ानफिर भी परेशान हूँ मैं अपने आप को ढूँढने निकला हूँअपने आप सेअनजान हूँ मैं फ़िज़ाओं में क़ैद हूँहाँ ख़ुदा नहीं हूँइंसान हूँ मैं

Sky in the eye

The sky I must reachThe clouds I must pierceSun the scorcherlying beyond the cloudMust look him in the eye The moon and the starsHang on the domeKeeping the worldEncased withinMaintaining the semblance of the lie The dark spaceBeyond and in betweenFills every thingAnd still remains emptyBut seen with the closed eye I have traveled forContinue reading “Sky in the eye”