Cost of Bliss

Time for check in Was later And for check out Was early The place was a beauty heavenly I could say Somethings were paid for For others there was a cost Everything was desirable Everything I wanted The time however was limited Too many choices too many sights initial moments were spent To orient andContinue reading “Cost of Bliss”

Just ain’t enuf

Musical notesOn four linesA scribble on paperJust ain’t enuf The soundCompressing the airA wave in motionJust ain’t enuf A mix of beatsSome bass and trebleA rhythm of sortJust ain’t enuf The flute singsThrough holes in woodThe octaves on finger tipsJust ain’t enuf Song filled with wordsThe length and the meterRhyme of the lyricsJust ain’t enufContinue reading “Just ain’t enuf”

the word that describes me

if there was a wordthat describedwho I am it would arisefrom the abyssthat I am the unheard shoutthat, what will echois the one, I am the grossand the shadowthe light, I am whispering windthe cool breezethe fragrance, I am in the worldI have become dirty otherwise, pure I am A word that meansa word thatContinue reading “the word that describes me”

Shopping spree for Happiness

If I were to shopon a spreeWhere would I goand what would it be? would I search for thingson sale or those for freeor in the wonderful thingsI feel, hear and see In the blue skieswhere I can fly freeIn the happy swingson the old shady tree A puff of smoke A sip of coffeeaContinue reading “Shopping spree for Happiness”

Yes Wahin (हाँ वहीं)

हाँजाना हैवहाँतुम हो जहांऔरहो वहाँबसअपनावो गानाजो सुनाई देसिर्फ़ हमेंजो नाछेड़ेमखमली तनहाइयों कोजो हम ने ओड रखा हैहाँवहाँ सो जाना हैजहांतुम्हारी धड़कन होऔरतनहाई

Ek Aur Baar

एक शहर पुरानायादों से भरा हुआयादों की डोर खींच लायी हैएक बार और हर लम्हा याद आया हैवो मोड़, वो हँसीफिर वही रास्तेएक बार और कहीं निशान मिट गएकहीं अब भी सजावट हैकिसी ने पुकारा हैएक बार और एक खुश लम्हायहीं रह गया थामिल कर हँसे हैंएक बार और ईंटों की ढेरइमारत बनेगीफिर घर बसेगाएकContinue reading “Ek Aur Baar”