Cost of Bliss

Time for check in Was later And for check out Was early The place was a beauty heavenly I could say Somethings were paid for For others there was a cost Everything was desirable Everything I wanted The time however was limited Too many choices too many sights initial moments were spent To orient andContinue reading “Cost of Bliss”

The cascade

Do you remember life before the internet? 1. No2. I don’t 3. Remember a thing4. before the internet age5. for I have already foresaken6. my memories to the Google drive 7. and to the diligent digital media storage6. It reminds me what I was5. What I did back then4. Who I was with3. It stillContinue reading “The cascade”

It’s a good news

it’s a good newsI jump up highin the airUp highto touchthe sky where god staysthey say with prideI touch the cloudsmist slipping through clenched fiststry and grab the warm raysbut then fall backempty handedlanding backon the lapof the motherin the velvety grasssprinkling streamand rolling hillsand thereI find godit’s a good news

Cheery Blossomed

The night glitteredMany twinkling eyes witnessedLaying their souls bare The music filled the airMany revellers dancedwithout not a single care treads pointed to the venueAll roadsleading to one Some joyfully walkingSome creeping in the carsSome on the run Flashing lights of the cameraSmiling facesgleamed in the sun Many colours mingledLight pinkturned out to be funContinue reading “Cheery Blossomed”