Its wine or blood

It’s wine or bloodDepends on how it tastesEach one intoxicatingDepends on how one takes It’s an addictionThe goblets changethe body or the bottlethe coincidence is strange Rich feast on poorStrong on the weakThe toast is for the victorNever a privilege of the meek The beast reeks of powerThere is no remorseful eyeIt sucks to theContinue reading “Its wine or blood”

Khamosh tare

रात की चहल पहल मेंतारे ख़ामोश थेकुछ आवाज़ ना हो जाएबादल, चुपचाप चल रहे थेचाँद आधा चमक रहा थाशायद कुछ छुपाए हुए थावो कदम साथ साथ चल रहे थेऔर धड़कन भीकुछ ना कहाफिर भी कहानी कह गएवो गूंजती धड़कनऔर वो ख़ामोश तारे

From earth they all rise

From earth they riseSome wantedSome undesiredSome ugly, some nice Not only the matter of seenThe lush grassthe incessant weedBoth coloured bright green Both rise togetherNourished by the same sunSprouting from the same earthNone worse, none better Existing for what they areUnconcerned by likes and dislikesExpressing their selfNone a loser, none a star Who is theContinue reading “From earth they all rise”

Silent windows

Ever seen lightsin the nightLittle windowsCurtained or otherwise Spilling lights,Telling talesInocent traitorsof secrets inside Telling allYet holding backHeld back byVaguest of ties Each one lostIn multitudes of lightsHiding, yet being a beaconOf another life Another lifeFull of sorrows and liesCelebrating a happy momentOr a momentous high Each one trappedWith losses and gainor with a dreadofContinue reading “Silent windows”