A live performance

She swoopedWith practiced ease perfect balanceperfect poise millions of eyes focussed on onewith precision and least noise Wings invisibletoo quick for the eyeskeeping it staticbefore the final dive Dipped in nectar nearest to blissyet sure of her purposeto fill up the hive A work of artdone as a routineand a performanceI saw it live

The day is about to start

It’s the silhouetteAcross the skyThat stays rootedIn the happy earth Table and the chairs Make a happy mix They wait for the morning tea And moments that make it worth The setting is divine The heavens have descended And in midst of it all Love fills the happy heart Shadows accentuate the light Colouring theContinue reading “The day is about to start”

Just ain’t enuf

Musical notesOn four linesA scribble on paperJust ain’t enuf The soundCompressing the airA wave in motionJust ain’t enuf A mix of beatsSome bass and trebleA rhythm of sortJust ain’t enuf The flute singsThrough holes in woodThe octaves on finger tipsJust ain’t enuf Song filled with wordsThe length and the meterRhyme of the lyricsJust ain’t enufContinue reading “Just ain’t enuf”