the word that describes me

if there was a wordthat describedwho I am it would arisefrom the abyssthat I am the unheard shoutthat, what will echois the one, I am the grossand the shadowthe light, I am whispering windthe cool breezethe fragrance, I am in the worldI have become dirty otherwise, pure I am A word that meansa word thatContinue reading “the word that describes me”

The layover

Connecting flightsWith adequate time to spareFlight warned of a layoverBut promised the lowest fare Wondering what to doWhile i had some extra timeWhy not use the loungeAnd I guess it was fine Took some timeto spot the coordinateAnd some more time toGather the courageous state In the line I stoodMy expression calmShuffling with the manyContinue reading “The layover”

Awake or Asleep

The sun rises Showering it’s glorious rays illuminating the world With colours of life The awake see the spectacle of the day For the sleeping it’s the dark night There is glory in the world waiting for us to see. They materialise when we see them. They wait for us to see. We just haveContinue reading “Awake or Asleep”

Clothes ready to wear people

हो रहे तैयारकपड़ेइंसान पहनने कोधूप मेंसुबहफिर से जीने कोहैं तैयार आज कौन होगाकैसा होगाहर के नाप का एक हैएक घर हैएक इंसान हैजिसकी ज़िंदगी को जीनेहैं तैयार उसकी महकउसकी गंधअपने में पिरोएकभी उसकेजाने के बादमहकने कोहैं तैयार कभी नयाकभी पुरानाउस मौक़े के लिएया किसी की यादहर लम्हेको लिएहैं तैयार आस्तीन मेंछिपाये आंसूख़ुशी केदुख केवो सारीContinue reading “Clothes ready to wear people”

What, Where, Why, When? Who will answer?

What is it?Who am I?A piece of glittering diamondOr a wretched impure Where am I?Where is it?In the arms secureOr in a stifling trap Why is that?Why am I?Alive sometimeAsleep sometimes When did it happen?When did I exist?I am hereWhere else would I be What’s in store for me?What did I ever have?Out there, isContinue reading “What, Where, Why, When? Who will answer?”