The divine Alignment

Heavenly bodiesfloating in deep blackglowing brightin reflected gloryAligned apparentlyin a single linea divine spectacleor a human perspectivemyopic and restricted trapped on a floating rockmaking imaginary shapesand spectacular storiesnot trueyet more than true grouted by lawin the confines of the rational and flights of faithseeking truth beyond the rational coming togetherin a divine alignment

Awake or Asleep

The sun rises Showering it’s glorious rays illuminating the world With colours of life The awake see the spectacle of the day For the sleeping it’s the dark night There is glory in the world waiting for us to see. They materialise when we see them. They wait for us to see. We just haveContinue reading “Awake or Asleep”

Buoyancy of Joy

This post was written in 2018. Wouldn’t remember the exact date of the scribble. Who really knows when did it get itched in the mind. The trigger was a stress ball which lay scarred in a corner, yet retaining the smiley face. It was published on this blog first on 12 Oct 2018. Re-Posting itContinue reading “Buoyancy of Joy”

In between the moments

Who decides,the next momentDoes it wait for meOr do I seek? When do I exitthe pastand enter the presentI wonder? If I do movefrom the pastto the present,what do I traverse? From the pastto the destinationThat is nowWhere do I exist? Does that journeyin betweengo without noticingAs if in a sleep? That state betweenthe thenContinue reading “In between the moments”

What, Where, Why, When? Who will answer?

What is it?Who am I?A piece of glittering diamondOr a wretched impure Where am I?Where is it?In the arms secureOr in a stifling trap Why is that?Why am I?Alive sometimeAsleep sometimes When did it happen?When did I exist?I am hereWhere else would I be What’s in store for me?What did I ever have?Out there, isContinue reading “What, Where, Why, When? Who will answer?”