the word that describes me

if there was a word
that described
who I am

it would arise
from the abyss
that I am

the unheard shout
that, what will echo
is the one, I am

the gross
and the shadow
the light, I am

whispering wind
the cool breeze
the fragrance, I am

in the world
I have become dirty
otherwise, pure I am

A word that means
a word that meant
for you, I am

unthought of
that’s the word, I am

The next shore of the Sun

I have left the shore
and the next one
I can’t yet see
In the meagre boat
With my two oars
I battle the sea

The shimmering moon
The bobbing waves
make me numb
The salty wind
The gentle rocking stillness
I fear, make me succumb

Through the half closed eye
And the dreamy mind
I see gold, transforming the crimson
Victorious sun rises
And there comes the dawn
There I know, I must follow the sun

I row the boat
In resolute strokes
It propels out, towards ahead
I am moving
Like the wind
I am alive, yet not dead

Where the sky dips to the sea
I will reach
my destination
There in the blinding light
In grassy meadows across the beach
I will find my morning sun

The sculpture is being made

New place
new beginnings
a blank new slate

the sun is late
it’s morning not yet
but I am wide awake

Its a fresh path
a new trail
the one, I need to blaze

every stumble taught a lesson
every fall a chisel stroke
this sculpture is being made

the future is blurred
but in my mind it’s clear
it’s for me to create

Ghost with long hands

Saw a ghost
Who had long hands
I wondered what use were they
What would it touch

It would seep through the walls
Glide through the doors
Melt through all
Without a worry as such

But with such long hands
It felt awkward
With them dangling
With no way to feel or touch

It was happy one
But the long hands
Scared a few a little
And some a very much

Ghost with long hands
Floated and flew
Dragging his long hands
With a little bit of grudge

Shopping spree for Happiness

If I were to shop
on a spree
Where would I go
and what would it be?

would I search for things
on sale or those for free
or in the wonderful things
I feel, hear and see

In the blue skies
where I can fly free
In the happy swings
on the old shady tree

A puff of smoke
A sip of coffee
a drink of liking
or a cup of lazy tea

In the salty splash
of the mighty sea
Or in the warm sun
in the smile of glee

All these I know
will make me merry
but these would perish
and abandon me in a hurry

But in your arms I know
I will find true happiness I need
in those warm hugs
of you and me

And there in the prayers
as I pray on my knees
I would find peace
in the grace of thee