Its wine or blood

Red wine

It’s wine or blood
Depends on how it tastes
Each one intoxicating
Depends on how one takes

It’s an addiction
The goblets change
the body or the bottle
the coincidence is strange

Rich feast on poor
Strong on the weak
The toast is for the victor
Never a privilege of the meek

The beast reeks of power
There is no remorseful eye
It sucks to the very last
till the skeleton is dry

It’s not the win
It gloats on the loss
Intoxicated beast
steps on the slushy red sauce

It’s blood or wine
Greedy fangs knows
Wine may be over
The blood still flows

Khamosh tare

रात की चहल पहल में
तारे ख़ामोश थे
कुछ आवाज़ ना हो जाए
बादल, चुपचाप चल रहे थे
चाँद आधा चमक रहा था
शायद कुछ छुपाए हुए था
वो कदम साथ साथ चल रहे थे
और धड़कन भी
कुछ ना कहा
फिर भी कहानी कह गए
वो गूंजती धड़कन
और वो ख़ामोश तारे

From earth they all rise

Mushrooms in my garden

From earth they rise
Some wanted
Some undesired
Some ugly, some nice

Not only the matter of seen
The lush grass
the incessant weed
Both coloured bright green

Both rise together
Nourished by the same sun
Sprouting from the same earth
None worse, none better

Existing for what they are
Unconcerned by likes and dislikes
Expressing their self
None a loser, none a star

Who is the reason?
the seeds that flies
Or the winds that carry
Or is it the season

They grow where they fall
Earth sees no shape
Sun sees no colour
There is space for all

Would they be Blessed or Doomed
Owner of the garden decides
For the planted
And the mushroomed


PC Pinterest

I am falling
Faster and heavier
Pulled inwards
Yet surging out
The tear is wider
Ripping open the truth
Layer by layer
the sheaths are parted
the endless fall ends
Static at the bottom
There in the abyss
There appears a light
Clear as crystal
The vision is clear
In a mind placid
There are no sheaths
There is just me
And there lies the truth

Silent windows

Ever seen lights
in the night
Little windows
Curtained or otherwise

Spilling lights,
Telling tales
Inocent traitors
of secrets inside

Telling all
Yet holding back
Held back by
Vaguest of ties

Each one lost
In multitudes of lights
Hiding, yet being a beacon
Of another life

Another life
Full of sorrows and lies
Celebrating a happy moment
Or a momentous high

Each one trapped
With losses and gain
or with a dread
of living in vain

Each one oblivious
of other ties
other lights
with other lives

That’s why
I am indebted to the silent windows
of the things they left unsaid
of untold stories indoors

Blissfully ignorant
Greatflul to the lights
of silent windows
Curtained or otherwise