kyun #Why

ये कैसा सवाल है
इसका क्या फ़ायदा है

पूछें है ये सब
ऐसा क्या क़ायदा है

याद करें
वो जो हो गया है

जो खो गया है

कहें मन की
किसने सुना है

मायूस हों
हुआ ही क्या है

ये कैसा सवाल है
इसके कई जवाब है

ना जी लें
जो अपनी ज़िंदगी हैं

The layover

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Connecting flights
With adequate time to spare
Flight warned of a layover
But promised the lowest fare

Wondering what to do
While i had some extra time
Why not use the lounge
And I guess it was fine

Took some time
to spot the coordinate
And some more time to
Gather the courageous state

In the line I stood
My expression calm
Shuffling with the many cards
Without raising the alarm

The counter lady
Exhibited an uneasy patience
My expression switched to worry
Dropping all pretence

She was paid to help
And help is what she did
She picked the needed plastic
And in the slot she promptly slid

The buzz on my cellphone
Told me the deal was done
For a few hours, I was the king
And this lounge was my kingdom

The elation was short lived
For there were many heir apparent
Many occupied the throne
While others waited, standing reverent

The line for the snacks was long
For the food was free
I Was drawn to the bar instead
glittering liquid my lips could see

I asked the bartender for the menu
He informed, the drinks were not free
Had to keep my face straight
As I wondered, to be or not to be

The economic situation
was filled with ample deficit
So with averted eyes
I staged a wise retreat

In line of the edibles
I quietly merged in
Polite customers
Ignored my innocent sin

Soon as we scrapped
the bottom of the receptacle
The line became one
In the screaming spectacle

We were entitled
And we will get our due
Hungry or not
We were ready to sue

To the desperate explanation of crew
The waiting line was rude and curt
For it was not the stomach
But the pride, that was deeply hurt

The fight was long drawn
Raged by the spirited few
I stayed in the fighting ranks
Nodding affirmation on leaders cue

For those who remained
in the end were rewarded
To obtain a respectable truce
A drink at the bar was meekly awarded

I walked back to the bar
the revolt had since died
Proudly claimed my drink
Which I was earlier denied

With the spirits in my belly
My head felt light
Eventually, after a fruitful layover
I boarded my next flight

Spores of life #99wordstory

Rays of the sun broke through the morning mist which was thicker this morning. The spores were ready for it. They were in preparation since what seemed eternity. The ash had descended slowly and surely once the mushroom had disintegrated. The flash was blinding, as blind as the fingers that pressed that button. Revenge and human nature was the recipe of destruction beyond human capacity and imagination. The arsenal kept for that eventuality was unleashed. The spores were the final hope for the living. The sunshine riding on the human hope released the spores. The life would begin again.

Celeberating the Republic

Saluting the flag
Head held high
Pride surging through the veins
Expressing through moist eyes
Sun shining on Upturned faces        beaming faces adding brilliance
Hearts beat in rhythm
Resonating with the millions
Band plays the anthem
Wind flutters through the fabric
For ‘we the people’
Are celebrating the republic

Dog-eared to the end

I reach
At the last few pages
Close to where
The book would end
Where it no longer
will hold in its cover
A story unread
For me

in those last few pages
I stop
There I close the book
Dog eared
at the last unread page
To be read later
But never to be ended
Just to linger at the end