The cascade

Do you remember life before the internet?

1. No
2. I don’t
3. Remember a thing
4. before the internet age
5. for I have already foresaken
6. my memories to the Google drive
7. and to the diligent digital media storage
6. It reminds me what I was
5. What I did back then
4. Who I was with
3. It still doesn’t
2. Show my
1. Feelings
2. That’s hidden
3. And silently stored
4. Deep in my heart
5. And not trapped in bytes
6. Tucked away in faraway forlorn database
7. In stacks of artificial magnetic memories
6. Therefore I wish I could remember
5. All that not digitally stored
4. Which are hidden away
3. In the corner
2. Of my
1. Heart

I just tried a cascade of words as they sinosidally increase and decrease. I don’t know if such a form exists… so I called it – The cascade.

But then, what’s in a form. The fun lies in the …eh…’FUN’ that I had in writing it. Maybe that what joy is.

Try it – Just for fun 😊😊

There she is – in our hearts

The first born
A beautiful one
Filled with love
brimming over
the twinkling eyes
And in those
Happy tears
Is she

The wild one
She flies with wind
Filled with fun
Shinning through
the naughty eyes
And in those
Happy glint
Is she

The achiever
She does with ease
In easy strides
Like a dance
In synch and in rhythm
And in those
Jubilant beats
Is she

The dreamer
She weaves stories
On the clouds
And the sky
Smiling herself
And in the
Happy dimple
Is she

The bundle of Joy
and unrestrained
filled with fun
the very source
of unlimited happiness
For us
Is She

Aur Manzil hai Kya?

हो तुम
तो मैं हूँ
है मेरा वजूद क्या

हो तुम
तो शाम है
है खूबसूरत और क्या

हो तुम
तो है अगली सुबह
है रोशनी और क्या

हो तुम
तो आवाज़ है
है मौसिकी और क्या

हो तुम
तो ये पल हैं
है वक़्त और क्या

हो तुम
तो ख़ुशी है
है मुस्कुराहट और क्या

हो तुम
तो मोहब्बत है
है ज़िंदगी और क्या

हो तुम तो
मेरा आज है
और मेरा कल है क्या

हो तुम
तो हम हैं
है मेरा वजूद क्या

हो तुम
तो रास्ता है
है मंज़िल और क्या

All my belongings

All things I have
All those
That belong to me
are dear to me

they add value
to me
and my worth
for everyone to see

if these possessions
are not me
what would I lose
if I lost these?

if they are lost
all that will remain
would only be me

And if I actually
lost all these
will I not be
so very free

and when I lose all
and only I am left
wouldn’t it be enough
to be just me

Oracle – Tanka Tuesday

Crystal clear

Colleen has crafted a challenge to write an acrostic poem with a syllable count of 8, 9, or 10 syllables per line or a mixture of these syllable counts, and our choice of words are: MAGICAL, CHARM, SPECTRE, FANTASY, CONJURE, UNICORN, IMAGINATION, ORACLE, or MALEVOLENCE.

I am drawn to the word ORACLE

Now I don’t have a choice

I have used a combination of 8, 9 and 10 syllables, in that order

Here goes…..

Opening and unravelling

Revealing the moments yet to come

Always the stark truth and never to please

Clear as a pure crystal it speaks

Lo behold – hear for what I am shown

Eyes of divine is there for me to see