Awake or Asleep

The sun rises
Showering it’s glorious rays
illuminating the world
With colours of life

The awake see
the spectacle of the day
For the sleeping
it’s the dark night

There is glory in the world waiting for us to see. They materialise when we see them. They wait for us to see. We just have to open our eyes.

Do share the early morning from where ever you are. Let us share the glory of life.


Stones of the same rock

Earth tremble and Quakes
The mass shifts
The muddy skin splits and cracks
And then the boulder rolls

Dislodged from its lofty heights
Down the hill it falls
Skipping over the slopes
Racing to the valley below

and then with that final leap
It lands near the gushing stream
The crash is loud
Shaking the earth even more

Impact shatters the mighty rock
No longer it’s old proud self
It’s identity split into many
Now just a scramble of scraggy stones

of different shapes
and minuscule size
None too different
None too alike

Each a part of the same mass
Scraggy and rough
Yet very different
a mere shadow of the glorious past

Twin pieces of the big rock
Get separated alas
So similar were they
No one could tell them apart

One falling
on the restive bank
One splashing
into the rushing river

One stays washed with scorching sun
blown by the brash winds to tatters
The other drowned in the wet depths
Caressed by the smooth flowing water

Time passes, Seasons change
The twins age
As much old
Yet a lot different

The one on the bank
retaining the scraggy exterior
While the submerged one
Transforming into the pebble smooth

Born of same
Reared by another
They appear starkly different
Yet essentially the same

The place they fall
Make them what they are
Scraggy rock on the banks
Smooth pebble in the water

They are known by how they look
And not for what they are
For they are stones of the same rock
Can any one tell them apart?