Emerged into the world
A life
Delivered through pain

Suffering the excruciating
To offset the pain

Months of rearing
Feeding off herself
Her every bit of grain

Fretting and worrying
Unnoticed at time
Many times, in vain

Letting go her needs
For everyone else
Without a strain

Ever willing to give
To sacrifice
She has nothing to gain

Every wish she fulfils
Justified or mundane

She waits patiently
For them to walk back
Through the forlorn lane

She spent her life
To nurture this life
She delivered through pain

There lies the moment

In the rush
of things
The moment stops
Somewhere between
Earlier and later

And that’s where
There is no speed
No expectations
No comparison
Nothing lesser or greater

But there lies still
the intent of motion
And the sense of purpose
The seed of every future
a pure slice of the creator

There lies the beauty of stillness
The symphony of motion
Existent, but yet lost
Somewhere between
Earlier and later

A live performance

Bee in my garden

She swooped
With practiced ease
perfect balance
perfect poise

millions of eyes
focussed on one
with precision
and least noise

Wings invisible
too quick for the eyes
keeping it static
before the final dive

Dipped in nectar
nearest to bliss
yet sure of her purpose
to fill up the hive

A work of art
done as a routine
and a performance
I saw it live

The day is about to start

It’s the silhouette
Across the sky
That stays rooted
In the happy earth

Table and the chairs
Make a happy mix
They wait for the morning tea
And moments that make it worth

The setting is divine
The heavens have descended
And in midst of it all
Love fills the happy heart

Shadows accentuate the light
Colouring the lawn green
Morning sun is waking up
The day is about to start