I received a comment from a friend where she appreciated a poem and termed it ‘Fimple’ and beautiful.

The error was unintentional and innocent, but it got me thinking, what this word would mean if it was a word.

I wonder about the sound of it, the image of it and possibly the taste and smell of it.

I thank my friend and her keyboard which did not autocorrect it.

I look forward for your thoughts on what this word would mean to you, or rather what would you want it to mean.

feel free to express.

Can I do Just Nothing

Can I do just nothing
For a while

Can I just lie down
Curled up

Can I just let the time flow
Beyond this moment

Can I shut the sounds
The noises

Can I just not think and feel
Clear the clatter

Can I flow like a boat
On a lazy river

Can I stretch this moment
Of nothingness

Oh my Happiness, you can’t make me sad

Marty the Naughty

You have gone
Emptiness engulfs me
Grief is heavy
Crushing me beneath
But then I wonder
Memories of you
Are the best I ever had
Oh my Happiness
You can’t make me Sad

The impermanence of life
The fragility of future
The human delusion of success
The warm bonding of relations
You made us pause and ponder
Happiness is shrouded
in a false sense of importance, it is clad
Oh my Happiness
You can’t make me sad

Hurting pangs
erupt in the aching heart
Everything reminds me of you
Mind wanders, always on you
But then I wonder
Times spent with you
Were the best we ever had
Oh my Happiness
You can’t make me sad

You lie there
Underneath the earth
Calm and serene
In an endless sleep
But then I wonder
You are in the warm sunshine
You are the wetness of the grass
Oh my Happiness
You can’t make me sad

You were the happiness
The very source of it
You have gone
Absorbing our sorrows
On the rainbow you shine
In the heavens you wait
We promise to celebrate you
Oh my Happiness
we will never be sad

Clothes ready to wear people

Drying in the sun

हो रहे तैयार
इंसान पहनने को
धूप में
फिर से जीने को
हैं तैयार

आज कौन होगा
कैसा होगा
हर के नाप का एक है
एक घर है
एक इंसान है
जिसकी ज़िंदगी को जीने
हैं तैयार

उसकी महक
उसकी गंध
अपने में पिरोए
कभी उसके
जाने के बाद
महकने को
हैं तैयार

कभी नया
कभी पुराना
उस मौक़े के लिए
या किसी की याद
हर लम्हे
को लिए
हैं तैयार

आस्तीन में
छिपाये आंसू
ख़ुशी के
दुख के
वो सारी धड़कने
हाँ सब ओढ़े हुए
है तैयार

आज जल्दी उठे हैं
धूप में
कुछ छिपाने
कुछ सजाने
ज़िंदगी का मज़ा लेने
हैं तैयार