Dog-eared to the end

There I reach At the last few pages Close to where The book would end Where it no longer will hold in its cover A story unread For me Forever There in those last few pages I stop There I close the book Dog eared at the last unread page To be read later ButContinue reading “Dog-eared to the end”

Oh my Happiness, you can’t make me sad

You have goneEmptiness engulfs meGrief is heavyCrushing me beneathBut then I wonder Memories of you Are the best I ever hadOh my Happiness You can’t make me Sad The impermanence of lifeThe fragility of futureThe human delusion of successThe warm bonding of relationsYou made us pause and ponder Happiness is shroudedin a false sense ofContinue reading “Oh my Happiness, you can’t make me sad”

Ho shayad woh kharra

छोड़ दूँ वो सब जो तुम्हें लगे बुरा कुरेद कर नोच कर जो बचे हो शायद वो खरा और ना बचा कुछ अगर तो बस रहेगा दिल मोहब्बत भरा

There is home in the walls

The walls meetat the cornerEnclosing the spaceThere is a Room in the walls Windows openLetting in the sunlightAnd some fresh airThere a living space in the room Door hears a knockThere they comefilled the space with loveThere is a home in the space Laughter reverberatesTears wiped on the shoulderTogether we liveCreating zillion memories in myContinue reading “There is home in the walls”

Ek Aur Baar

एक शहर पुरानायादों से भरा हुआयादों की डोर खींच लायी हैएक बार और हर लम्हा याद आया हैवो मोड़, वो हँसीफिर वही रास्तेएक बार और कहीं निशान मिट गएकहीं अब भी सजावट हैकिसी ने पुकारा हैएक बार और एक खुश लम्हायहीं रह गया थामिल कर हँसे हैंएक बार और ईंटों की ढेरइमारत बनेगीफिर घर बसेगाएकContinue reading “Ek Aur Baar”

Silent windows

Ever seen lightsin the nightLittle windowsCurtained or otherwise Spilling lights,Telling talesInocent traitorsof secrets inside Telling allYet holding backHeld back byVaguest of ties Each one lostIn multitudes of lightsHiding, yet being a beaconOf another life Another lifeFull of sorrows and liesCelebrating a happy momentOr a momentous high Each one trappedWith losses and gainor with a dreadofContinue reading “Silent windows”

The string full of memories

There must be a memorywhich you don’t rememberThere must be a ‘present’ in the pastThat you never lived They lie thereBeyond your reachIn the opposite directionOf the arrow of time But this stepIs where you standReal and nowIs where the moment waits The stairs go upto the stars in your eyesC’mon take the stepAnd pickContinue reading “The string full of memories”