Like the Butterflies

Many colourson our wingsWe are likethe butterflies Flutteringin the breezeIn frolic and in painAlways looking nice The warm long hugsThe loud happy laughsPats on the headsAnd the soothing lullabies Talks on the swingsstretching into the nightsongs of nostalgiaand a pair of moist eyes Memories add a tingeto the colours on our wingsSome dark crimsonSome matchingContinue reading “Like the Butterflies”

Cocooned in time

There they are,imaculate and purecocooned in innocenceuntouched by life We have moved onweaving our destiniesthrough fuzzy maze of timewith our own tussles and strife ‘Then’ has drifted away from the ‘Now’seperated by layers of timeeach twist n turn charting separate pathseach moment playing a dice That moment still floatsserene in my mindfar away to touchContinue reading “Cocooned in time”