From earth they all rise

From earth they riseSome wantedSome undesiredSome ugly, some nice Not only the matter of seenThe lush grassthe incessant weedBoth coloured bright green Both rise togetherNourished by the same sunSprouting from the same earthNone worse, none better Existing for what they areUnconcerned by likes and dislikesExpressing their selfNone a loser, none a star Who is theContinue reading “From earth they all rise”

Riding free

She rides the horseA free spirited steedHooves galloping swiftWings flying wideSometimes on the groundon the lush green meadowSometimes in airOn the fluffy white cloudskicking up the grassAnd sometimes the cloudsBouncing manesAnd her flowing hairMatching their rhythmMatching the stridesThere is a songThat the wind singsShe hears the songShe sings that tooThere are no reinsThere is nowhereContinue reading “Riding free”

Just want to Flow

बहना है पर किधर जाना उधर है ढलान इधर खारे पानी में जाकर मिल जाना है मेरा हशर वही सही पर आज मुझे बहना है कल का सच पता है आज का सच छिपा सही कुछ आज मुझे कहना है शोर एक और बार सुनना है बस आज मुझे बहना है