It ain’t big, but its everything

Little hands Holds the world it ain’t big But then it’s everything It brings smile On his lips And it smiles Right back on him There lies In those eyes All the joy The world can bring It’s immense Beyond words Unmeasurable That feeling And I hold The infinite in my hand it ain’t bigContinue reading “It ain’t big, but its everything”


I received a comment from a friend where she appreciated a poem and termed it ‘Fimple’ and beautiful. The error was unintentional and innocent, but it got me thinking, what this word would mean if it was a word. I wonder about the sound of it, the image of it and possibly the taste andContinue reading “Fimple”

Hidden by the Mist

Into the woodsThey walkPath hiddenby the mist Alongsidestep by steptogetherHeld by the Wrist Unruly stonesFeet do stumbleHurt and acheAnkles do twist The tender touchRub on the skinLove healswarm shoulders assist Every worryEvery sorrowForgottenWhen they kissed Don’t need a destinationWhen we are togetherIn the woodsHidden by the mist #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

From earth they all rise

From earth they riseSome wantedSome undesiredSome ugly, some nice Not only the matter of seenThe lush grassthe incessant weedBoth coloured bright green Both rise togetherNourished by the same sunSprouting from the same earthNone worse, none better Existing for what they areUnconcerned by likes and dislikesExpressing their selfNone a loser, none a star Who is theContinue reading “From earth they all rise”

Stillness of the deep

In the lakeLaying placidLies buriedmeanings deep Calm on the surfaceLike a pretending mirrorReflecting the fakeHiding the truth beneath the inquisitive fingerScratches the surfaceIn a poke of inquiryPierces the flimsy sheath Ripples give awaythe illusionDistorting the unrealRevealing the truth we seek It’s not the blue skyOr the ochre of the woodsIt’s the flow of the waterAndContinue reading “Stillness of the deep”

My buried musical notes

I scribble my work notesKeeping my guitar asideMy song hangs in the airAs in my daily rut, I slide The pen writes deepImpressions go beyondIt takes its tollSmudges my happy song I need to pull backSit back and relax a littleThere is the sand that flowsThrough the hour glass so brittle I pick my guitarIContinue reading “My buried musical notes”