The next shore of the Sun

I have left the shoreand the next oneI can’t yet seeIn the meagre boatWith my two oarsI battle the sea The shimmering moonThe bobbing wavesmake me numbThe salty windThe gentle rocking stillnessI fear, make me succumb Through the half closed eyeAnd the dreamy mindI see gold, transforming the crimsonVictorious sun risesAnd there comes the dawnThereContinue reading “The next shore of the Sun”

The sculpture is being made

New placenew beginnings a blank new slatethe sun is lateit’s morning not yetbut I am wide awakeIts a fresh patha new trailthe one, I need to blaze every stumble taught a lessonevery fall a chisel strokethis sculpture is being madethe future is blurred but in my mind it’s clearit’s for me to create

The golden onion #99wordstory

The eyes filled to the brim. The tears welled over. They were held back for long. She was preparing yet another ungrateful meal. Bruise on her arm hurt her less than the aching heart. The bruise she knew would heal. But the tear in heart would stay sore. She picked the onion, the golden one.Continue reading “The golden onion #99wordstory”

My worn out Shoes

My worn out shoesholds many memoriesEmbedded and buriedDeep within its weary sole Witness and participantIn those resolute and thoughtful stepsOf the many tough treksAnd some easy strolls Scrapping the groundRaising the dustTo propel me forwardto play my rightful role It lays tatteredWounded and batteredWith Splayed stitchesAnd some ghastly holes Yet comfortableIn a neat fitMoulding andContinue reading “My worn out Shoes”

Ab uthegi subah

तुम उठोगी सुबह शायद होगी सुबह खूबसूरत जैसी तुम हो आँखें मलती हुई लेके अंगड़ाई उठेगी सुबह जैसे तुम हो कुछ नींद में सूरज से खेलती आँख मिचौली जैसे तुम हो अब उठेगी सुबह मेरी बाहों में जैसे तुम हो

Bhul gaya sab kuch

भूलना हैबहुत कुछक्या क्या भुलाओगेये बताओ अगर याद करोगेवो सबतो फिर कैसे भुलाओगेये बताओ हर लम्हा नया हैसाफ़ सुथरा हैइसमें पुराने रंग क्यों भरेंये बताओ ख़ुशियों से भर देंइस लमहें कोआने वाला कल इसमें बसा हैइसे सजाओ ज़िंदा होतो जी लो ख़ुशी सेहर पल ज़िंदगी कालुफ्त उठाओ गहरी नींद में सो रहा हूँशायद सुबह होContinue reading “Bhul gaya sab kuch”