Emerged into the world A life Delivered through pain Suffering the excruciating Screaming To offset the pain Months of rearing Feeding off herself Her every bit of grain Fretting and worrying Unnoticed at time Many times, in vain Letting go her needs For everyone else Without a strain Ever willing to give To sacrifice SheContinue reading “Amma”


है धुआँये जहांउड़ता हुआबहता हवाओं मेंफिर मिलता हैइन फ़िज़ाओं में कहाँउस आग से निकलाउस आग में दफ़नतू पहले था कहाँऔर कल होगा कहाँना तुझे खबरना कोई ग़ुमाये जहांहै बस धुआँ

In a Happy Place

There was a knota hurting oneDeepwithin the beating heart The constricting cageHolding the fearPiercingLike a painful dart The dread and the gloomPermeated the coreStretchingAnd tearing it apart At the bottom of abyssWhere light endedmotionlessIn the abysmal dark There I layAway from graceIn despairHope away from my grasp In that lonely coldI felt the gushof aContinue reading “In a Happy Place”