ढलती शाम सेरोशनी चुरा केअभी तो रात आयी है धीरे से, दबे पाओंअंधेरे की नरम रज़ाई ले केअभी तो रात आयी है थके बदन के लिएनींद का तोहफ़ा ले केअभी तो रात आयी है आँखें हो रहीं है बंदअब मिलेंगे ख़्वाबों सेअभी तो नींद आयी है लेंगे उड़ानइस दुनिया की बंदिशों से परेअभी तो पंखContinue reading “Raat”

The layover

Connecting flightsWith adequate time to spareFlight warned of a layoverBut promised the lowest fare Wondering what to doWhile i had some extra timeWhy not use the loungeAnd I guess it was fine Took some timeto spot the coordinateAnd some more time toGather the courageous state In the line I stoodMy expression calmShuffling with the manyContinue reading “The layover”

Dog-eared to the end

There I reach At the last few pages Close to where The book would end Where it no longer will hold in its cover A story unread For me Forever There in those last few pages I stop There I close the book Dog eared at the last unread page To be read later ButContinue reading “Dog-eared to the end”

Awake or Asleep

The sun rises Showering it’s glorious rays illuminating the world With colours of life The awake see the spectacle of the day For the sleeping it’s the dark night There is glory in the world waiting for us to see. They materialise when we see them. They wait for us to see. We just haveContinue reading “Awake or Asleep”


I received a comment from a friend where she appreciated a poem and termed it ‘Fimple’ and beautiful. The error was unintentional and innocent, but it got me thinking, what this word would mean if it was a word. I wonder about the sound of it, the image of it and possibly the taste andContinue reading “Fimple”