The rights and the wrongs

The right and the wrongThe shackles unseenthe iron barsand the gaps in between Together they mark the boundsOf the solitary prison cellIn such confinesExists the life we know so well The cells separate the prisonersOne from the otherConfined in their respective cellsTill the time reaches forever The bars they saykeep the prisoners safeto keep themContinue reading “The rights and the wrongs”

Let’s shuffle the cards

Cards are shuffled One card is picked One specific suit Of a particular colour is chosen The identity is decided And that decides the game All actions bound by the rules the wins and the losses based on the set hierarchy each dealt hand judged They turn into a pile of cards eventually of winnersContinue reading “Let’s shuffle the cards”


ऐसा कुछ है जो भूल गया शायद कोई बात है जो कहते कहते रह गया। थोड़ी हिचक थोड़ी शर्म रोक टोक और अनदेखा भ्रम। ज़िन्दगी की सीख से चुनी रसमों की दीवारों में सही और गलत रंग की सियाही से लिखे दकियानूसी रिवाजों ने एक एक कर दफनाया है कई सहमें से ख्वाबों को। ऐसेContinue reading “मुखौटे”