Not the man from Petushkie

What job would I do for free?I say Noneand never free Why do something at first place?and that too for free? I have a sane mindand not a muddle headfrom Petushkie if its a jobit can’t be funand to do it for freeis a wrong plea If it was to dreamI would do it forfreeContinue reading “Not the man from Petushkie”

sometime fast, sometimes slowly

The time is in plentyIt moves pretty slowlyWedging on the couchI turn on the tellyTed Mosby is a romantic foolRobin realises her follyToby leaves for Costa RicaMicheal Scott gets married to HollyGlued on Star World,I am enjoying it, by gollyOld Monk mixed with CokeThe concoction makes me JollyLife is movingsometime fast, sometimes slowly

Aaj Vela hoon

आज अकेला हुंसुबह से वेला हूंदुनिया को बचानेअपने घर पे सोयेला हूं भ्रमण कर आजघर वापस आया हूंकश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी का सफरवास्तव में कर आया हूं इंसान को ६ फीट दूर से देखा तोथोड़ा डरा हुआ पाया हैहर आंखों में शक और कौफ का साया भरपूर नजर आया है इस नासूर वायरसका वास्ता है डरContinue reading “Aaj Vela hoon”