Stones of the same rock

Earth tremble and QuakesThe mass shiftsThe muddy skin splits and cracksAnd then the boulder rolls Dislodged from its lofty heightsDown the hill it fallsSkipping over the slopesRacing to the valley below and then with that final leapIt lands near the gushing streamThe crash is loudShaking the earth even more Impact shatters the mighty rockNo longerContinue reading “Stones of the same rock”

Buoyancy of Joy

This post was written in 2018. Wouldn’t remember the exact date of the scribble. Who really knows when did it get itched in the mind. The trigger was a stress ball which lay scarred in a corner, yet retaining the smiley face. It was published on this blog first on 12 Oct 2018. Re-Posting itContinue reading “Buoyancy of Joy”

Pure White or Yellow

So pure and whitecould have been yellowMay be used on the foreheadBut most of the time, for the below Made of the same stuffLike the books on the shelfOne brimming with wisdomOther stained with remains of rectum Each having a purposeAnd a rung on the ladder of priorityEach one satisfies a needfor leisure, or aContinue reading “Pure White or Yellow”

The Sixth string Analogy

I have devised a simple analogy based on the sixth string football matches played in the training academies to explain the daily working of the organisation. It explains the complex working and allows one to maintain sanity. Sharing it for the greater good. Sixth String is an elite group which is formed based on aContinue reading “The Sixth string Analogy”

Buoyancy of Joy

I hate myself!! Mukti spoke aloud. The utterance did not even make a ripple in the green surface of the still water in the pond. She did crave for appreciation but she never expected so much hate from her colleagues. It was as if they were waiting for the opportune moment for the hate toContinue reading “Buoyancy of Joy”