Khamosh tare

रात की चहल पहल मेंतारे ख़ामोश थेकुछ आवाज़ ना हो जाएबादल, चुपचाप चल रहे थेचाँद आधा चमक रहा थाशायद कुछ छुपाए हुए थावो कदम साथ साथ चल रहे थेऔर धड़कन भीकुछ ना कहाफिर भी कहानी कह गएवो गूंजती धड़कनऔर वो ख़ामोश तारे

The keyboard of life

Each press of fingerPuts a letter on screenOn their own they are just a soundTogether they make senseThe letters make sound Some words are smallEasy to spell and simpleSome are long and complicatedTongue twisters and sophisticatedThe words make meaning Each having a same purposeTo convey a meaningAs a string in the sentenceThat’s part of theContinue reading “The keyboard of life”

Which one is the truth…?

Ridhesh and Meghna have always been the travelling types. Any travel was an opportunity for them to move out of the program codes on their computer screens and into the real world. Both had graduated together from NIT with BTech with majors in Computer Science. Making conversations with people they meet and living the customsContinue reading “Which one is the truth…?”


The rubber tried to hold on to the tar, but it was a losing battle. The speed was too high and time too less. Umesh was distracted by the message on the mobile as he executed the turn on the hilly serpentine road to Manali. Swathi slept peacefully as many events crowded into the lastContinue reading “Inheritance”

I see it clear

On the 6th floor the blind rolls up with a whir. Turbulence and calm, converse in silence with a drunken slur. The glass fights the noise and wins Allowing private space for the divergent twins Flashes of lights leave a trail on the busy arrow of time Reminder of the many scars as the faceContinue reading “I see it clear”