Ritual in the dark morning #99wordstory

My hand lifts instinctively to strike. The precision comes from years of practice. Every morning at 5 am, it is a ritual that forms an integral part of my daily routine.The strike is done with closed eyes only guided by the sound of the target. The fearful target whines in an almost melancholic shriek. WithContinue reading “Ritual in the dark morning #99wordstory”

5 am

Just in timeWith the sunOr some timea bit before I riseFrom a blissful sleepOr sometimesa tumultuous one Meeting the dayFreshOr sometimesa bit groggy Off the bedWith purposeOr sometimesJust laying down A cup of coffeea moment staring at windowor sometimesHitting the snooze Its another dayWe just metI think we like each otherIt would be fun

Dark Coffee

Fluid Pours outWarm and brewedFrom the potInto the expectant gobletWaiting impatientlyLike a tired mind Crystals of sweetBlend like magicInto the Juiceof dark bitter beandark brown fluidLooks pretty fine The aroma risesHarbinger of the tasteScales the chasmbetween the cup and lipOh that smelltriggers the mind The first siptastes like heavenCataputing me awayFrom the grimeI am pureContinue reading “Dark Coffee”