The golden onion #99wordstory

The eyes filled to the brim. The tears welled over. They were held back for long. She was preparing yet another ungrateful meal. Bruise on her arm hurt her less than the aching heart. The bruise she knew would heal. But the tear in heart would stay sore. She picked the onion, the golden one.Continue reading “The golden onion #99wordstory”

Hidden by the Mist

Into the woodsThey walkPath hiddenby the mist Alongsidestep by steptogetherHeld by the Wrist Unruly stonesFeet do stumbleHurt and acheAnkles do twist The tender touchRub on the skinLove healswarm shoulders assist Every worryEvery sorrowForgottenWhen they kissed Don’t need a destinationWhen we are togetherIn the woodsHidden by the mist #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

Ritual in the dark morning #99wordstory

My hand lifts instinctively to strike. The precision comes from years of practice. Every morning at 5 am, it is a ritual that forms an integral part of my daily routine.The strike is done with closed eyes only guided by the sound of the target. The fearful target whines in an almost melancholic shriek. WithContinue reading “Ritual in the dark morning #99wordstory”

Make a note on the blue skies

Pen touches the paperEvery night as I sleepmemoirs of the dayEtched on paperForever as theInk dries I am the makerI am the madeWhy make it sadWhen happy it can beFoolish is the onewho cries Every moment reframedThe way I wantedAll sad ones made happyEvery defeat turned to victorySome truths aremade of lies For the scriptContinue reading “Make a note on the blue skies”