The golden onion #99wordstory

The eyes filled to the brim. The tears welled over. They were held back for long. She was preparing yet another ungrateful meal. Bruise on her arm hurt her less than the aching heart. The bruise she knew would heal. But the tear in heart would stay sore. She picked the onion, the golden one.Continue reading “The golden onion #99wordstory”

Grime sticks on the dishes

The grime stuck stubbornly on the plate. Blood red, dried and flaky, remnant of the meal, they never finished. It started amicably but then turned toxic, like how it had always been. It was a relief if some of the dishes actually reached the sink. Rest unfortunate ones shattered on her face and stained walls.Continue reading “Grime sticks on the dishes”

Spores of life #99wordstory

Rays of the sun broke through the morning mist which was thicker this morning. The spores were ready for it. They were in preparation since what seemed eternity. The ash had descended slowly and surely once the mushroom had disintegrated. The flash was blinding, as blind as the fingers that pressed that button. Revenge andContinue reading “Spores of life #99wordstory”