Rain Drop – Connecting two worlds #etheree

RainPouringFrom aboveDropping on earthConnecting both worldsTravelling the distanceBack there from where it startedFinding what it always yearnedBut then loosing itself in its searchTo merge with soil and be the earthy smell #etheree An Etheree poem contains 10 lines. The first line has a single syllable, and each line “grows” by one syllable until the tenthContinue reading “Rain Drop – Connecting two worlds #etheree”

The earthy smell

Clouds sprout in plentyFlourishing in the fresh new glowFloating merrily aboveinvisible roots stretching out below They belong to the skyBorn out of the rainSun it’s fatherarisen from the earthly womb’s pain Yet to growThey are whiteSomeday they will be ladenWith all the burden that arise Turning darkIt obscures the sunCasting shadow on the earth belowFilledContinue reading “The earthy smell”

Swirl in the Rain

Swirl of the umbrella Spinning the rain drops Making that dance Oh what a spectacle! I stopped as the crowd gathered Suddenly Aware of my self The umbrella continued to swirl My feet fell silent, stuck in my shackle. My eyes filled with shame I did what I shouldn’t have Each accusing eye, a strangerContinue reading “Swirl in the Rain”