Oracle – Tanka Tuesday

Colleen has crafted a challenge to write an acrostic poem with a syllable count of 8, 9, or 10 syllables per line or a mixture of these syllable counts, and our choice of words are: MAGICAL, CHARM, SPECTRE, FANTASY, CONJURE, UNICORN, IMAGINATION, ORACLE, or MALEVOLENCE. I am drawn to the word ORACLE Now I don’tContinue reading “Oracle – Tanka Tuesday”

It ain’t big, but its everything

Little hands Holds the world it ain’t big But then it’s everything It brings smile On his lips And it smiles Right back on him There lies In those eyes All the joy The world can bring It’s immense Beyond words Unmeasurable That feeling And I hold The infinite in my hand it ain’t bigContinue reading “It ain’t big, but its everything”


Emerged into the world A life Delivered through pain Suffering the excruciating Screaming To offset the pain Months of rearing Feeding off herself Her every bit of grain Fretting and worrying Unnoticed at time Many times, in vain Letting go her needs For everyone else Without a strain Ever willing to give To sacrifice SheContinue reading “Amma”

There lies the moment

In the rush of things The moment stops Somewhere between Earlier and later And that’s where There is no speed No expectations No comparison Nothing lesser or greater But there lies still the intent of motion And the sense of purpose The seed of every future a pure slice of the creator There lies theContinue reading “There lies the moment”