The next shore of the Sun

I have left the shoreand the next oneI can’t yet seeIn the meagre boatWith my two oarsI battle the sea The shimmering moonThe bobbing wavesmake me numbThe salty windThe gentle rocking stillnessI fear, make me succumb Through the half closed eyeAnd the dreamy mindI see gold, transforming the crimsonVictorious sun risesAnd there comes the dawnThereContinue reading “The next shore of the Sun”

5 am

Just in timeWith the sunOr some timea bit before I riseFrom a blissful sleepOr sometimesa tumultuous one Meeting the dayFreshOr sometimesa bit groggy Off the bedWith purposeOr sometimesJust laying down A cup of coffeea moment staring at windowor sometimesHitting the snooze Its another dayWe just metI think we like each otherIt would be fun