Tree Stands Tall

Tree stands tall
where the seed fell
rooted to the ground
There lies it’s existence

Roots dig deeper
Nourishing the growing tree
Binding it to the spot
There lies it’s existence

Wind brought the seed
Rain drops buried it
Tree had no role
There lies it’s existence

Wind that brought it
Tries to take it places
Tree stays, heavily rooted
There lies it’s existence

It is rooted
Stuck at same spot
Unwilling to let go
There lies it’s existence

Birds make their nest
Bring up their offspring
The tree watches them grow
In their first flight, lies it’s existence

Travellers pause
Take refuge
Some peacefully sleep
In their peace, it finds it’s existence

Children swing on its branches
Some hide behind its trunk
Tree plays with them too
In their laughter, it finds it’s existence

It can’t move
But it can sway
In the rhythm of wind
In that song, it finds it’s existence

Published by Echoes of the soul

I am a dreamer I weave tales in my mind I am connected to you through these words through this screen across the virtual world I and my tales within

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