है धुआँये जहांउड़ता हुआबहता हवाओं मेंफिर मिलता हैइन फ़िज़ाओं में कहाँउस आग से निकलाउस आग में दफ़नतू पहले था कहाँऔर कल होगा कहाँना तुझे खबरना कोई ग़ुमाये जहांहै बस धुआँ

Rain Drop – Connecting two worlds #etheree

RainPouringFrom aboveDropping on earthConnecting both worldsTravelling the distanceBack there from where it startedFinding what it always yearnedBut then loosing itself in its searchTo merge with soil and be the earthy smell #etheree An Etheree poem contains 10 lines. The first line has a single syllable, and each line “grows” by one syllable until the tenthContinue reading “Rain Drop – Connecting two worlds #etheree”

Kai saal guzar gaye

उसी मंदिर की घास पर बैठे,नंगे पाओं।सर झुकाए इबादत मेंकई साल गुज़र गए । छोटे पाओं बड़े हो गयेदिल मगर सिकुड़ गये।दिल खोल के हंसेकई साल गुज़र गये । फ़र्श साफ़ सुथरा हैशायद पहले से महँगा।नंगे पाओं चलेकई साल गुज़र गये । है रास्ता वहीकदम चले सोच समझ केबेख़ौफ़ दौड़ेकई साल गुज़र गये । हैContinue reading “Kai saal guzar gaye”

the word that describes me

if there was a wordthat describedwho I am it would arisefrom the abyssthat I am the unheard shoutthat, what will echois the one, I am the grossand the shadowthe light, I am whispering windthe cool breezethe fragrance, I am in the worldI have become dirty otherwise, pure I am A word that meansa word thatContinue reading “the word that describes me”

Ghost with long hands

Saw a ghostWho had long handsI wondered what use were theyWhat would it touch It would seep through the wallsGlide through the doorsMelt through allWithout a worry as such But with such long handsIt felt awkwardWith them danglingWith no way to feel or touch It was happy oneBut the long handsScared a few a littleAndContinue reading “Ghost with long hands”

Shopping spree for Happiness

If I were to shopon a spreeWhere would I goand what would it be? would I search for thingson sale or those for freeor in the wonderful thingsI feel, hear and see In the blue skieswhere I can fly freeIn the happy swingson the old shady tree A puff of smoke A sip of coffeeaContinue reading “Shopping spree for Happiness”