मैं ख़ामोश हूँमेरी चीख़ों को आवाज़ों कीज़रूरत नहीं ख़ामोश अल्फ़ाज़ों कोलफ़्ज़ों की बैसाखियों कीज़रूरत नहीं शब्दों में फ़रेब हैखामोशी में नहींबंद लबों कोक़समों कि ज़रूरत नहीं शब्दों में बनावट हैखामोशी में नहींदिल की गहराइयों मेंमन के बदलते मिज़ाज नहीं मैं ख़ामोश हूँमेरी सचाई कोकिसी मंज़ूरी की ज़रूरत नहीं

Nothing but you

Leave everythingthat is not youLeave no traces of youNot even few Scrape the edgesDown to the coreTill you are leftWith nothing more Shed the pretenceShed the prideRemove the nameleave the identity aside As we reachthe last crumbWe gnaw awaythe senses numb there in the stillnesswhen nothing is youWhat is leftIs nothing but you

Riding free

She rides the horseA free spirited steedHooves galloping swiftWings flying wideSometimes on the groundon the lush green meadowSometimes in airOn the fluffy white cloudskicking up the grassAnd sometimes the cloudsBouncing manesAnd her flowing hairMatching their rhythmMatching the stridesThere is a songThat the wind singsShe hears the songShe sings that tooThere are no reinsThere is nowhereContinue reading “Riding free”

The earthy smell

Clouds sprout in plentyFlourishing in the fresh new glowFloating merrily aboveinvisible roots stretching out below They belong to the skyBorn out of the rainSun it’s fatherarisen from the earthly womb’s pain Yet to growThey are whiteSomeday they will be ladenWith all the burden that arise Turning darkIt obscures the sunCasting shadow on the earth belowFilledContinue reading “The earthy smell”

In between the moments

Who decides,the next momentDoes it wait for meOr do I seek? When do I exitthe pastand enter the presentI wonder? If I do movefrom the pastto the present,what do I traverse? From the pastto the destinationThat is nowWhere do I exist? Does that journeyin betweengo without noticingAs if in a sleep? That state betweenthe thenContinue reading “In between the moments”

5 am

Just in timeWith the sunOr some timea bit before I riseFrom a blissful sleepOr sometimesa tumultuous one Meeting the dayFreshOr sometimesa bit groggy Off the bedWith purposeOr sometimesJust laying down A cup of coffeea moment staring at windowor sometimesHitting the snooze Its another dayWe just metI think we like each otherIt would be fun