Nayi dosti

फिर अजनबी हैंमुलाक़ात कामौक़ा ढूँढेंगेजान पहचान काबहाना ढूँढेंगेवो सहमी नज़र,उस मुस्कराहट काइशारा ढूँढेंगेनयी दोस्ती हैमोहब्बत का नयाफ़साना ढूँढेंगे

The string full of memories

There must be a memorywhich you don’t rememberThere must be a ‘present’ in the pastThat you never lived They lie thereBeyond your reachIn the opposite directionOf the arrow of time But this stepIs where you standReal and nowIs where the moment waits The stairs go upto the stars in your eyesC’mon take the stepAnd pickContinue reading “The string full of memories”

The keyboard of life

Each press of fingerPuts a letter on screenOn their own they are just a soundTogether they make senseThe letters make sound Some words are smallEasy to spell and simpleSome are long and complicatedTongue twisters and sophisticatedThe words make meaning Each having a same purposeTo convey a meaningAs a string in the sentenceThat’s part of theContinue reading “The keyboard of life”

Rules of the game (Dharma)

Every game has a ruleIf you decide to play the gameYou must followThat is the rule Rules decides who winsAnd who losesYou must accept the resultsThat is how it works The rules form the matrixOver which the game is playedGame cannot exist without itThe rule is the root The rule connects the playersIn the game,Continue reading “Rules of the game (Dharma)”

The green tent

There stood a tentWith the colour so greenon the side of the roadSomewhere in between Some just passed bySome stopped to seeFor it never stopped anyonejust waited in the shadow of the tree The wind straining on the fabricPickets fixing the tent to the groundResisting the urge to fly awayWaiting forever to be found ItContinue reading “The green tent”

Meri parchai dhoondhta hoon inme

उन ऊँचाइयों से देखा हैज़िंदगी को उड़ते हुएहवाओं का रुख़ जिस तरफ़ थाउसी रुख़ बहते हुए सूरज को ढलते देखा हैडूबते क्षितिज को रंगते हुएजैसा रंग खुद का थाउसी रंग में घुलते हुए पानी को बहते देखा हैठहरे पथरों पर छलाँगे भरते हुएजिस तरफ़ उसका अंत थाउसी समंदर की तरफ़ मदमस्त बहते हुए रोशनी कोContinue reading “Meri parchai dhoondhta hoon inme”

Tree Stands Tall

Tree stands tallwhere the seed fellrooted to the groundThere lies it’s existence Roots dig deeperNourishing the growing treeBinding it to the spotThere lies it’s existence Wind brought the seedRain drops buried itTree had no roleThere lies it’s existence Wind that brought itTries to take it placesTree stays, heavily rootedThere lies it’s existence It is rootedStuckContinue reading “Tree Stands Tall”

The rock splits the river

The rock splitsthe river in twoWhy did you do that?The rock was askedI am big and strong it repliedThat is why! The river flows on either sideLetting the rock be in the centreWhy did you do that?The river was asked.I flow eternallyThat is why! The rock won, they all criedRiver sang gleefullyRock is rooted, IContinue reading “The rock splits the river”