My worn out Shoes

My worn out shoesholds many memoriesEmbedded and buriedDeep within its weary sole Witness and participantIn those resolute and thoughtful stepsOf the many tough treksAnd some easy strolls Scrapping the groundRaising the dustTo propel me forwardto play my rightful role It lays tatteredWounded and batteredWith Splayed stitchesAnd some ghastly holes Yet comfortableIn a neat fitMoulding andContinue reading “My worn out Shoes”

From here to forever

In the momentsof foreverWe spend our timeTogether There liesthe embracein slow caress of timeStretching forever Entwined as oneBeneath thesatin sheetsAlways drawing closer Warm lipsLead to hungry heartsAlway eagerWith passion forever In the eyesIn the breathIn each others beingIn arms of each other From hereTo whereverHolding handsWe will walk forever


ढलती शाम सेरोशनी चुरा केअभी तो रात आयी है धीरे से, दबे पाओंअंधेरे की नरम रज़ाई ले केअभी तो रात आयी है थके बदन के लिएनींद का तोहफ़ा ले केअभी तो रात आयी है आँखें हो रहीं है बंदअब मिलेंगे ख़्वाबों सेअभी तो नींद आयी है लेंगे उड़ानइस दुनिया की बंदिशों से परेअभी तो पंखContinue reading “Raat”

Grime sticks on the dishes

The grime stuck stubbornly on the plate. Blood red, dried and flaky, remnant of the meal, they never finished. It started amicably but then turned toxic, like how it had always been. It was a relief if some of the dishes actually reached the sink. Rest unfortunate ones shattered on her face and stained walls.Continue reading “Grime sticks on the dishes”

Dog-eared to the end

There I reach At the last few pages Close to where The book would end Where it no longer will hold in its cover A story unread For me Forever There in those last few pages I stop There I close the book Dog eared at the last unread page To be read later ButContinue reading “Dog-eared to the end”