There is home in the walls

The walls meetat the cornerEnclosing the spaceThere is a Room in the walls Windows openLetting in the sunlightAnd some fresh airThere a living space in the room Door hears a knockThere they comefilled the space with loveThere is a home in the space Laughter reverberatesTears wiped on the shoulderTogether we liveCreating zillion memories in myContinue reading “There is home in the walls”

I am home

The house stood tallProud and elegantLike it’s been waiting The swing watchedQuite and staticLike it’s been waiting The porch extended its armpainted freshly redDressed elaborately to receive The demon face smilesVainly trying to scareGrossly unable to deceive The furniture sits calmlySure of us to sit with themYet a bit impatient The calendar marks the dateCrossingContinue reading “I am home”