Cocooned in time

There they are,imaculate and purecocooned in innocenceuntouched by life We have moved onweaving our destiniesthrough fuzzy maze of timewith our own tussles and strife ‘Then’ has drifted away from the ‘Now’seperated by layers of timeeach twist n turn charting separate pathseach moment playing a dice That moment still floatsserene in my mindfar away to touchContinue reading “Cocooned in time”

माँ कि सालगिरह

सुबह बात हुईसालगिरह की बधाई दीखूब साथ हसेदूर होते हुए भीनजदीक होने का एहसास हुआआप का ही अंश हूंये एहसास हुआमेरे होने से पहलेमैं आपमे मौजूद थाये भी एहसास हुआजब में हंसता हूंमां के होंट भीमुस्कराते होंगेजब में दुखी होता हूंतो वो आंखें भीभीग जाती होंगीदूरियों का क्या हैएहसास से तोहम पास पास हैंतो आजContinue reading “माँ कि सालगिरह”

आज फिर से

आज क्यूँ ऐसा लगा तुमसे दोस्ती कर लें…. …. जान पहचान हुए अर्सा हो गया यह चेहरा कुछ अपना सा लगा… … आँखों में आंखें डाले अर्सा हो गया हाथ थामा है अब तो गर्माहट का अह्सास हुआ… … ठंड में नर्म धूप का लुफ्त लिए अर्सा हो गया आज जब बैठे तो सदियों केContinue reading “आज फिर से”

The taste of the moment

The skillet of cast iron Harness the heat ingredient blend in proportion spices sinking deep Each bit done for the craving mouth nothing goes waste expressed on the grateful tongue That we know as the taste Taste lies not in the fire That heats Nor in the skillet That suffers the heat Nor in theContinue reading “The taste of the moment”

Always young – my father, my friend

The man of details Full of imagination always thinking always young The best is not enough For the seeker of best always new Always young The myths imagined or created Story teller recreates the epics Always spectacular Always young Deligent and meticulous Order, is the purpose Always neat Always young Unwilling to share worries ButContinue reading “Always young – my father, my friend”


The rubber tried to hold on to the tar, but it was a losing battle. The speed was too high and time too less. Umesh was distracted by the message on the mobile as he executed the turn on the hilly serpentine road to Manali. Swathi slept peacefully as many events crowded into the lastContinue reading “Inheritance”