The elements – That’s me

Long day unwindstired limbs dragWeary eyes burni feel the fire walking in the woodtowards the sunsetleaves crumble beneath my feeti feel the earth taller than the treesrays paint my face goldenbreeze ruffle my curlsi feel the air staying still and calmfeet dipped in the flowcool till the souli feel the water the skin is shedandContinue reading “The elements – That’s me”

कोई आज मुस्कुराया है

कुछ खोया नहीं सब पाया हैजो बांट दियावो कहां गवाया है इनसे मिला हूंउनको पहचानता नहींसब अपने है कौन पराया है ये शोहरत का क्याआज है कल नहींदुआओं को हमेशाअपने साथ पाया है कोई याद रखेऐसी ख्वाहिश तो नहींलम्हे खुशी के याद करकेकोई तो मुकुराया है

हर लम्हा बेमिसाल

चकाचौंध सी दुनियानजारे हजार हैंजो मिल गयाउसके खोने का डर हैजो नहीं मिलाउसका मलाल हैबेकरार से रहेदोष किस्मत को दियासोचा शायदवक्त ही खराब हैपर जब देखा मैनेआंखें बंध करहर लम्हा बेमिसाल है

In the frost it lies

Under the white blanketunder the starry skiesThe frozen twigin the frost it lies drop of the dying treefrozen dry of the life sapYet carrying the snowon its selfless back Awaiting the inevitable end,trampled by an unknowing bootSplintering into manyinto the dust and soot Seeping into the melting iceflowing into the soilCarrying its essence,in its lastContinue reading “In the frost it lies”

Underneath the starry sky

Underneath the starry skyIts lonely They are so manyand its only me Do they seeThe twinkle in my eye? Or can they seethe cleverly concealed lie? Merrily they stand and watchTransfixed in their velvety black domeUnable themselves, yet mocking Hoping I wouldn’t save my self on my own Dawn is breakingIts the end of thierContinue reading “Underneath the starry sky”

Right now I have this day to finish

Each box tickedWhew!! the work is done. the day draws to an endand we count it as one. Rising again with the sunUnwilling to start the next countYet eager to finishing this oneboxes to be ticked, once again mount Each count ends in a week, quitely into a month, the week creptI celeberate the birthContinue reading “Right now I have this day to finish”