At last free

Water is freeFrom the confinesof the unseen glassIt leaps outOff the rimInto the free windCaught by the gustIt dissipatesinto million dropletsLosing its identityNo longer liquidJust a free vapourExisting unseenSeparated dropletsFlowing in the airEvaporating into cloudsThere they gatherand make a planThey hurl downas a torrid rainThrough rivuletsthey travelGushing on preset pathIn the river they meetFinally unitedasContinue reading “At last free”

The elements – That’s me

Long day unwindstired limbs dragWeary eyes burni feel the fire walking in the woodtowards the sunsetleaves crumble beneath my feeti feel the earth taller than the treesrays paint my face goldenbreeze ruffle my curlsi feel the air staying still and calmfeet dipped in the flowcool till the souli feel the water the skin is shedandContinue reading “The elements – That’s me”