The din would stop

The din would stopThe clamour would ceaseIn the calm that followsYou will find me And when you doPromise me you shallBe true in what you doTrue in what you be For what you areIs because of meFor what you must beis what they see You will recogniseI haven’t changedIn the changing timesI have remained SteadfastContinue reading “The din would stop”

Sun will rise

The sunhides in vainUnawareof its orange stain Into darkness it stoops lowAlas betrayedby the loony glow Its just an intervening nightfor the illuminate It is to shine bright Reluctance and doubtsthe light dispels the mirror introducesthe light to itself The rise is seenShining on the morning dewVibrant redin the morning new AwareRealised Resplendentshining bright withinContinue reading “Sun will rise”