Sun will rise

The sunhides in vainUnawareof its orange stain Into darkness it stoops lowAlas betrayedby the loony glow Its just an intervening nightfor the illuminate It is to shine bright Reluctance and doubtsthe light dispels the mirror introducesthe light to itself The rise is seenShining on the morning dewVibrant redin the morning new AwareRealised Resplendentshining bright withinContinue reading “Sun will rise”

जिंदगी एक ख्वाब

मैं तो इक ख्वाब कि तलाश मेंघूमता रहाजब जाना कि यही ख्वाब हैफिर नींद नहीं आयी

Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together

Moments are fixed in time And I am fixed in this moment While many of my moments pass without me Hey time!! I am quitting the `now` I am going back. You can stay Or you can move on Something tell me You will wait for me I know, that you know me better YouContinue reading “Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together”

Who Cares… Who’s Real?

We heard Laila o Laila play on the FM. As the drums did the rolls Me and my daughter play our ‘guess who’ game. “Do you know… Who is the drummer?”, I ask. “I don’t know”, she says “It’s ‘Amjad Khan’ I answer, to score a point. But she says that’s only in the movieContinue reading “Who Cares… Who’s Real?”

चलो नई कहानी लिखें

अपनी स्याही अपने किरदार एक कहानी हो गयी एक से मोहबत और एक से नफरत क्या कहानी हो गयी नाम किरदार का याद रहा अपनी पहचान भूल गए कहानी, एक सच्चाई हो गयी किरदारों से वाह वाह ये अब कैसी उम्मीद है अजब बेबसी हो गयी नए रंग की दवात ली है नए रंगों सेContinue reading “चलो नई कहानी लिखें”

I am happy, I live life

The sun sets I look back What did I do today? I lived a life … I am happy!!! Is that what I do? I seek an answer But that’s not the question It is not what I do It is what I am!!! The dawn breaks Its a new day What will I doContinue reading “I am happy, I live life”

Woman’s Day?

The hair fell in a neat bunch on the apron, as the skilled hands of the barber, cut them to size. I knew the curling locks would be fun and fashionable, but was also aware that the norms were not what they adhered to. My hair style is for others to like. They liked itContinue reading “Woman’s Day?”