Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together

Moments are fixed in time And I am fixed in this moment While many of my moments pass without me Hey time!! I am quitting the `now` I am going back. You can stay Or you can move on Something tell me You will wait for me I know, that you know me better YouContinue reading “Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together”

Always young – my father, my friend

The man of details Full of imagination always thinking always young The best is not enough For the seeker of best always new Always young The myths imagined or created Story teller recreates the epics Always spectacular Always young Deligent and meticulous Order, is the purpose Always neat Always young Unwilling to share worries ButContinue reading “Always young – my father, my friend”

Amma (mother)

For her, life is people, In her priorities She comes last Her heart does the thinking, She feels for all, Her own feelings come last Her memories are us Her messages, sometime remind us to remember Her ownself?? she forgets fast She rolls the laddus and bakes the cake Each one’s likings comes first HerContinue reading “Amma (mother)”