जिंदगी एक ख्वाब

मैं तो इक ख्वाब कि तलाश मेंघूमता रहाजब जाना कि यही ख्वाब हैफिर नींद नहीं आयी

Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together

Moments are fixed in time And I am fixed in this moment While many of my moments pass without me Hey time!! I am quitting the `now` I am going back. You can stay Or you can move on Something tell me You will wait for me I know, that you know me better YouContinue reading “Hey time. Wait!! Let’s string moments together”

The moment arrives

Fleeting moments Riding the rush of the river Uncertain drops, Merging with the flow Turbulent yet confined Jagged rocky banks say “you can’t” Masquerading norms, warm the cocoon, benovalence is just a show The froth explains the churn between the Will and the Fear the Will loses, alas Restrained passion, stays in tow It ain’tContinue reading “The moment arrives”