Underneath the starry sky

Underneath the starry skyIts lonely They are so manyand its only me Do they seeThe twinkle in my eye? Or can they seethe cleverly concealed lie? Merrily they stand and watchTransfixed in their velvety black domeUnable themselves, yet mocking Hoping I wouldn’t save my self on my own Dawn is breakingIts the end of thierContinue reading “Underneath the starry sky”

The moment arrives

Fleeting moments Riding the rush of the river Uncertain drops, Merging with the flow Turbulent yet confined Jagged rocky banks say “you can’t” Masquerading norms, warm the cocoon, benovalence is just a show The froth explains the churn between the Will and the Fear the Will loses, alas Restrained passion, stays in tow It ain’tContinue reading “The moment arrives”