है धुआँये जहांउड़ता हुआबहता हवाओं मेंफिर मिलता हैइन फ़िज़ाओं में कहाँउस आग से निकलाउस आग में दफ़नतू पहले था कहाँऔर कल होगा कहाँना तुझे खबरना कोई ग़ुमाये जहांहै बस धुआँ

The sculpture is being made

New placenew beginnings a blank new slatethe sun is lateit’s morning not yetbut I am wide awakeIts a fresh patha new trailthe one, I need to blaze every stumble taught a lessonevery fall a chisel strokethis sculpture is being madethe future is blurred but in my mind it’s clearit’s for me to create

From here to forever

In the momentsof foreverWe spend our timeTogether There liesthe embracein slow caress of timeStretching forever Entwined as oneBeneath thesatin sheetsAlways drawing closer Warm lipsLead to hungry heartsAlway eagerWith passion forever In the eyesIn the breathIn each others beingIn arms of each other From hereTo whereverHolding handsWe will walk forever

It’s a good news

it’s a good newsI jump up highin the airUp highto touchthe sky where god staysthey say with prideI touch the cloudsmist slipping through clenched fiststry and grab the warm raysbut then fall backempty handedlanding backon the lapof the motherin the velvety grasssprinkling streamand rolling hillsand thereI find godit’s a good news