Like the Butterflies

Many colourson our wingsWe are likethe butterflies Flutteringin the breezeIn frolic and in painAlways looking nice The warm long hugsThe loud happy laughsPats on the headsAnd the soothing lullabies Talks on the swingsstretching into the nightsongs of nostalgiaand a pair of moist eyes Memories add a tingeto the colours on our wingsSome dark crimsonSome matchingContinue reading “Like the Butterflies”

Riding free

She rides the horseA free spirited steedHooves galloping swiftWings flying wideSometimes on the groundon the lush green meadowSometimes in airOn the fluffy white cloudskicking up the grassAnd sometimes the cloudsBouncing manesAnd her flowing hairMatching their rhythmMatching the stridesThere is a songThat the wind singsShe hears the songShe sings that tooThere are no reinsThere is nowhereContinue reading “Riding free”

My buried musical notes

I scribble my work notesKeeping my guitar asideMy song hangs in the airAs in my daily rut, I slide The pen writes deepImpressions go beyondIt takes its tollSmudges my happy song I need to pull backSit back and relax a littleThere is the sand that flowsThrough the hour glass so brittle I pick my guitarIContinue reading “My buried musical notes”