कुछ दिनों से मैं ये सोच रहा था एक कहानी कह दूँ फिर कल, हुआ कुछ ऐसा अलग, सोचा नहीं कह डाला खुशी जो अंदर थी अब बाहर भी है और हैरत की बात तो ये है कि मैं उनके बीच में नहीं किसी और का मैं आज मोहताज नहीं किसी और का मुझे इन्तज़ारContinue reading “मैं”

Hi Anonymous – I remember your name!!

He felt the fresh air sift through the vestibule. He bent down to peek through the double glassed tinted window separating him from the pouring rain and the vast stretching landscape. He fished into his shirt pocket for his packet of Cigarettes. He opened the pack to find two cigarettes left. He picked up oneContinue reading “Hi Anonymous – I remember your name!!”

I see it clear

On the 6th floor the blind rolls up with a whir. Turbulence and calm, converse in silence with a drunken slur. The glass fights the noise and wins Allowing private space for the divergent twins Flashes of lights leave a trail on the busy arrow of time Reminder of the many scars as the faceContinue reading “I see it clear”

TALES WITHIN – Stories that seek me out

They scream and they shout They hunt, and they seek me out Orphaned and unheard, in me, they often confide Listen I must For this solemn rule I must abide trapped in the nether their voice echo no sound In my ears, blessedly, the voices resound So they seek, the hearer of the sound TrackedContinue reading “TALES WITHIN – Stories that seek me out”