Emerged into the world A life Delivered through pain Suffering the excruciating Screaming To offset the pain Months of rearing Feeding off herself Her every bit of grain Fretting and worrying Unnoticed at time Many times, in vain Letting go her needs For everyone else Without a strain Ever willing to give To sacrifice SheContinue reading “Amma”

Concrete gobbles Green

Concrete city Spreads in greed Covering land and space With columns, slabs and beams Vicious and cold With no remorse Singular in purpose Yet eerily pristine Crawling and creeping Gobbling up In its path All that’s seen Turning grey In its march Every last breath of the dying green In its path stands tall TheContinue reading “Concrete gobbles Green”

Albatross sails

The albatross sailsover the stormy seaFrom the lofty heightsstorm is a spectacle to see The feathers flutterthe icy winds opposeBut it flies calmFocussed on the purpose it knows The keen eyes searchFor food belowIt flies highSometimes it swoops low To find something to eat,And some in the beak to storeTo feed the hungry little mouthsWaitingContinue reading “Albatross sails”