The brand new year

A yearComes to an endAnother auspicious roundCulminates into a new Around the fiery nourisherRiding safelyOn the gracious lapOf the Maternal blue Among the many starsIn the vast space unconfinedA speckin the grand cosmos Yet carryinga whole world WithinOf hope and fearOf gain and loss Gloating on a triumphFretting on a setbackWorrying for an expectationto happilyContinue reading “The brand new year”

happy story

The old book is filledwith some happy and some sad wordsstorybook of 2020 is archived fresh note book arriveswith 365 fresh-smelling pagesPages waiting expectantly to be filled with your words let’s take the new book, smell the fresh pages work up a fun appetitethat should last an year, so that when we look back atContinue reading “happy story”