How Golf taught me the laws of Karma

The tee was placed at an appropriate height. The puckered ball propped just high enough above the blades of grass to align with the sweet spot of the driver club. I shuffled the feet and placed the tee in line with the heal of my left foot. The left arm was straight as the bodyContinue reading “How Golf taught me the laws of Karma”

My heart needs a bath

I need a bathSoap and frothSpray of waterA scrub and wash Body wearyFull of grimeHeart ladenWith hate and crime Some I likeOthers I hateCage of destinyBind of fate Happy momentsBrings a smileSad ones followAfter a short while Full of anguishString of regretsMissed opportunitiesAnd some lost bets I carry the burdenMemories from the startFurrows on theContinue reading “My heart needs a bath”