Stones of the same rock

Earth tremble and QuakesThe mass shiftsThe muddy skin splits and cracksAnd then the boulder rolls Dislodged from its lofty heightsDown the hill it fallsSkipping over the slopesRacing to the valley below and then with that final leapIt lands near the gushing streamThe crash is loudShaking the earth even more Impact shatters the mighty rockNo longerContinue reading “Stones of the same rock”

Oh my Happiness, you can’t make me sad

You have goneEmptiness engulfs meGrief is heavyCrushing me beneathBut then I wonder Memories of you Are the best I ever hadOh my Happiness You can’t make me Sad The impermanence of lifeThe fragility of futureThe human delusion of successThe warm bonding of relationsYou made us pause and ponder Happiness is shroudedin a false sense ofContinue reading “Oh my Happiness, you can’t make me sad”

The Aisle seat

HumanityStacked in rowsSecured by beltsOn the assigned seatsSome paidSome free Moving as one massTo the common destinationConfinedIn the fixed spaceStatic insideSurging outside Cocooned in thoughtsEach one his ownTogether yet separatedin the cloudsSome remain strangersSome make friends Pilot steersOn the preset paththrough turbulent weatherThe hostess maintains calmSome sleepSome pray The wingsSpread wideSlicing through the airResponsive toContinue reading “The Aisle seat”

Pure White or Yellow

So pure and whitecould have been yellowMay be used on the foreheadBut most of the time, for the below Made of the same stuffLike the books on the shelfOne brimming with wisdomOther stained with remains of rectum Each having a purposeAnd a rung on the ladder of priorityEach one satisfies a needfor leisure, or aContinue reading “Pure White or Yellow”

Hidden by the Mist

Into the woodsThey walkPath hiddenby the mist Alongsidestep by steptogetherHeld by the Wrist Unruly stonesFeet do stumbleHurt and acheAnkles do twist The tender touchRub on the skinLove healswarm shoulders assist Every worryEvery sorrowForgottenWhen they kissed Don’t need a destinationWhen we are togetherIn the woodsHidden by the mist #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

Its wine or blood

It’s wine or bloodDepends on how it tastesEach one intoxicatingDepends on how one takes It’s an addictionThe goblets changethe body or the bottlethe coincidence is strange Rich feast on poorStrong on the weakThe toast is for the victorNever a privilege of the meek The beast reeks of powerThere is no remorseful eyeIt sucks to theContinue reading “Its wine or blood”

From earth they all rise

From earth they riseSome wantedSome undesiredSome ugly, some nice Not only the matter of seenThe lush grassthe incessant weedBoth coloured bright green Both rise togetherNourished by the same sunSprouting from the same earthNone worse, none better Existing for what they areUnconcerned by likes and dislikesExpressing their selfNone a loser, none a star Who is theContinue reading “From earth they all rise”