Cherry tree waits

The pink blooms,
it’s the right time
It’s cold,
Yet not as much

Cold enough
to wear the coats
Warm enough
to venture out as such

sun shines bright,
Sky seems bluer
On my eyes,
Sun glasses look trendy

The flags and banners,
All Pink as they flutter
In the slight breeze,
Comfortably not windy

Sips of rice beer
red and white
On the lush green grass
Afternoon is pretty lazy

Across on the polo ground
Music plays loud
The crowds sway and hop
evenings I say, are a bit crazy

The cherry tree stands
and graciously smiles
Part of each group picture
And the lonely selfies

Pink blooms
It’s the right time
Cherry trees stand happy
it longed for this time

Published by Echoes of the soul

I am a dreamer I weave tales in my mind I am connected to you through these words through this screen across the virtual world I and my tales within

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