Cooking a Happy Moment

Oil sizzles invitingly
Onions and tomatoes
Wait patiently sliced
The pan bears the heat
Its time to cook
Something is being created

Vegitables add colours
Nutrition also maybe
Meat also for those who prefer
Each bring their essence
Together they mingle
Something is getting created

Sprinkled spices
Wrinkle the nostrils
Aroma is the product
Not the food
But an essential part
Something is getting created

The garnish decorates
Eyes eat too
Possibly before the tongue
Tummy burns in anticipation
Mind more so
Something is getting created

Food on the plate
Ingredient lose themselves
Just one tasty dish
We gather around
Relish each morsel
One more happy moment is created

Published by Echoes of the soul

I am a dreamer I weave tales in my mind I am connected to you through these words through this screen across the virtual world I and my tales within

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